Brio Premiere Series Tri-Temp POU Water Cooler - Black

Brio CLB5000U Premiere Series Point of Use Water Coolers
The Brio Premiere CLB5000U offers true commercial-grade construction and a sleek, contemporary design and Perfect for home.
Offices and breakrooms, Brio is proud to offer a Premiere Series commercial grade Bottle less water system (also known as Point of Use or POU). This large-sized Innovative design combines ease-of-use and versatility into one. This cooler serves busy offices with up to 50 people. Enjoy bottle water quality with none of the cost and help save the environment with the Brio Premiere CLB5000U Hot, Cold and Room Point of Use Water Cooler. This Water Dispenser provides hot, cold and room temperature water so it's ideal to use regardless of whether you're making a beverage or cooking and you need the water just right. The exterior features a fingerprint-resistant finish that can stand up to any dirty hands whether it's those of a mud-covered child, ones from a money-handling co-worker, or those belonging to someone who was just working on their car. Did we mention it's really easy to clean? This model is ideal to use in any environment whether at home or in the offices. Sold with or without a filter, this cooler is fully customizable for our customer needs.

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