GEO 1 Gallon BPA Free Plastic Portable Water Dispenser w/Faucet & 4 Included Cups (Green)

  • This GEO product is BPA FREE, made of only the highest quality Tritan Resin in the USA. Through well-known testing and experiments, science has proved that the production of Tritan is 100% unassociated with and 100% free of all Bisphenol compounds including BPA and BPS, making your health our priority.

  • The bottle has a capacity of 1 gallon and is sized with dimensions: 5.75” Diam. x 10” Height. Includes a wide, screw on lid that allows for ice and other bottle inserts. Four matching cups are included with the bottle to cover every angle of your hydration with one simple beverage delivery system.

  • Its one-gallon, high capacity and lasting structure makes it the perfect travel, camping or sporting event companion with a grab and go handle for easy carry. The lever-controlled dripless spigot is a key feature that permits the simplest access to a cup of water. However, a flip top opening lies on the lid for versatility.

  • Heavy-duty, durable plastics guarantee the product lasts through daily use or long-term storage. Whether your bottle keeps you company on a hike or is in your refrigerator at home, this Geo Dipenser will not disappoint.

  • Our FDA approved, food-grade plastics, ensure you can drink worry free from a sustainable, reusable bottle and cups that can fulfill your quench anytime, anywhere.


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This handy portable drink dispenser keeps you and your guests hydrated on the go! With a dripless spigot and an attached handle at the top, our compact drink dispenser is easy to tote along to an outdoor picnic in the park. This beverage dispenser is a stylish way to serve lemonade, iced tea, fruit punch, and other refreshingly cool beverages! With its large capacity and convenient features, this beverage dispenser is a great way to enhance your drink presentation.
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