U-STACK Water Bottle Storage Rack - Holds 3, 5 Gallon Bottles (Blue)

  • The U-Stack provides simple, organized storage for both 3 & 5-gallon bottles (11-liter & 18.9-liter bottles). It has a capacity of 3 bottles per stand.

  • Need more space? You can neatly stack up your bottles and clear the room with U-Stack. No more wasted space and tripping over bottles that get in the way. The unit is designed to easily carry a tabletop cooler dispenser on the top, flat surface.

  • U-Stack has a no hassle setup with easy assembly and no required tools. Your bottles will be ready to stack within seconds.

  • Your order includes (6 x U-shaped units), which are positioned in an alternating pattern to form 3 openings for your bottles and provide you with a stable, bottle shelving system. One flat shelf unit is provided to act as a tabletop and (2 x rubber strips) to allow the unit to grip the floor surface.

  • This unique structure allows you to adapt the rack capacity according to the space available and the amount of water you need to store.


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