3 Liter Bottle Refrigerator Drinking Water w/ Faucet Spigot Dispenser BPA FREE

  • Item No: BT120BADB

  • Cap size: 58MM Screw Cap

  • Bottle size: 13.75" x2.75"x8

  • Bottle Size: 3 Liter


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This bottle is the perfect size for storing and dispensing water anywhere you might need without the worry of contaminates such as BPA and other harmful chemicals. Its compact size is perfect for someone on the go, and is slender enough to store water with ease in any size refrigerator or cooler. The clear container comes with an easy open cap for filling the bottle as well as a front dispenser that allows the user to pour water with the touch of a finger.
  • This GEO product is BPA FREE, made of only the highest quality Tritan Resin in the USA. Through well-known testing and experiments, science has proved that the production of Tritan is 100% unassociated with and 100% free of all Bisphenol compounds including BPA and BPS, making your health our priority.
  • The bottle has a capacity of 3 Liters and is sized with dimensions: 13.75”x 2.75” x 8”. Includes a 58mm, wide mouth screw cap.
  • Its 3-gallon, high capacity and lasting structure makes it the perfect travel or camping companion with a grab and go handle for easy carry and an easy dispense, lever controlled spigot.
  • Heavy-duty, durable plastics guarantee the product lasts through daily use or long-term storage.
  • FDA approved, food-grade plastics, ensure you can drink worry free from a sustainable, reusable bottle that can fulfill your quench anytime, anywhere.
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