1 Gallon Frosted Glass Water Bottle Jug with 38 mm Metal Screw Cap - Frosted white

  • DURABILITY: High quality glass, guarantees a low expansion rate, meaning high temperature resistance. This eliminates the risk of your bottle shattering when left in a car or while exposed to heat from the sun. The high chemical structure of the glass ensures the strength and longevity of your GEO jug.

  • VERSATILITY: The GEO jug will suit all your needs, allowing you to store wines, spirits, ciders, liquers, etc. You will not be limited to using the jug for one purpose. The frosted glass is also great for storing ionized alkaline water, which is best stored in opaque containers.

  • SUSTAINABILITY: Drink guilt-free, knowing your jug is reusable and recyclable. Reduce your daily carbon footprint with your GEO glass jug.

  • TASTE & CAPACITY: Unlike plastic and metallic materials, glass does not transfer foul or unwanted tastes and does not absorb odors. Maintain the integrity and flavor of your beverage with GEO. This jug has a 1 gallon capacity and includes a 38mm metal screw cap.

  • HEALTH & SAFETY: Your health and ease-of-mind is our priority. GEO glass water jugs are always made of FDA approved materials, 100% free of BPA, BPS, BPF, PVC and any other harmful materials and chemicals proven to deter health. Our glass bottles are dishwasher safe for a convenient, hassle free clean.


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Glass is inert, non-toxic, easy to clean, easy to maintain and easy to recycle. This glass is handmade from sustainable, raw materials. It offers unparalleled purity and preserves any beverage's true taste. It keeps drinks colder, hotter and fresher longer. Glass has always been the first choice in drinking receptacles and now more than ever, it is the right choice. Because it is chemical and BPA free, it offers the best solution where our health is concerned. Because it keeps beverages in their purest and best tasting from, it is the obvious choice for our drinking pleasure. Because it is reusable and easy to recycle, it is the smartest choice for our planet. Made of abundant natural resources. Holds the taste of substances better than any other material. Unlike plastic, glass withstands hot and cold beverages.

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